Our future depends on our ability to embrace the gift of creation;

to respect and take responsibility for our living world

and to safeguard it for our children’s children.

Any donation you can make
– large or small –
helps us achieve this and address one of the most urgent issues facing humankind today.




A donation of £15 could help with the upkeep and participation of our beautiful Skyrian horses, Apollonius and Icarus; one of the oldest and rarest breeds of horse in the world today.
They offer us a living relationship with nature and a chance to be at one with another creature – Apollonius and Icarus will be true ambassadors for our ambitions.

Restoration of the Aloni


£25 could go towards the restoration of the Aloni on our site: a sacred threshing circle which we will use for its traditional purpose of threshing the harvest, but also as a gathering place for outdoor events.
Susainable Working Farm

Sustainable Working Farm


A £50 donation could help us develop the sustainable working farm at St John's Garden; not only helping us to stimulate a passion for traditional and new island husbandry and land-based skills, but also to protect the Island’s rich biodiversity, whilst creating work opportunities and core skills for a sustainable future for the Island’s young people.
Centre for Sustainable Living

Centre for Sustainable Living


A donation of £100 could help build the infrastructure on which the long term success of our project depends: a Centre for Sustainable Living – a focal point for inspiration and learning about sustainable living and lifestyles, both for those living on the island and those from afar.

Could you consider becoming a Founding Benefactor for our Holy Gardens of Patmos work?

If you are in a position to make a larger donation, please contact our Founder & Director: Ioanna (Jeanne) Knights, Charis Charitable Trust.


Be part of a unique opportunity to foster love and understanding of the natural and spiritual world.
You will be leaving a legacy that will inspire future generations to

“live lightly on the earth”.

Thank you for your generosity. Every donation made will be put to work immediately on the areas of our work which are the priority at the time; please let us know if you would like to restrict your donation to a specific area of our work.
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