Our Vision

To create a series of Holy Gardens on the island of Patmos that bear witness to the way we relate our lives, livelihoods and relationships to the earth.

Our driving passion is the need to create a deeper understanding and practice of sustainable living, in order to address one of the biggest concerns facing humans, and our planet, today – the depletion, through human action, of the precious resources of the earth.

As places of inspiration and learning, our gardens will open minds to an understanding that there is a way to live richer lives in a world where nature is understood, respected and nurtured with imagination and sensitivity.


- Programme Advisor -

Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia

Brother of the Monastery of St John the Theologian, Patmos

Advisor, Patmos & Oxford, UK

- Trustees -

- Legal -

Mr Manos Gavaises

(Greek Law), Patmos, Greece

Mr Robert Meakin

(UK Law and Charity specialist), Cambridge, UK

- Specialists -

Dedicated Prayer Vigil

Hieromonk Dr David Gill

Parish of SS Aidan and Chad, Nottingham; Community of St Gregory the Theologian, Leeds; Community of St Andrew, Alnwick, Northumberland

Arid Land, Agriculture, Water Management, Rural Education, Sustainable Livelihoods

Dr Ian Robinson

AA International, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

Sustainability and Sustainable Communities

Dr Steven Marriott

Sustainable Development, Bristol, UK

Landscape, Horticulture, Organic Methods

Mrs Jennifer Gay BA
Mr Piers Goldson

Mrs Jennifer Gay BA: Landscape architect, Mediterranean Landscapes Nea Makri, Greece
Mr Piers Goldson: Horticultural Expert, Mediterranean Landscapes Nea Makri, Greece

- Project Development -

Mrs Susanna Michellis tou Christodoulos

Charis Island Representative, Horticulturalist, Patmos, Greece

Mrs Marianna

Skyrian Horses, Patmos, Greece

Mrs Annie Freeman

Project Learning Coordinator, Cambridge, UK

Mr George Michailidis

Architect DESA, Patmos, Greece

Mr Christodoulos Michellis

Land and Facilities Maintenance, Patmos, Greece

Mr Spyros Papanastasiou

Architect, Patmos, Greece

Mr Jiannis Paschalides

Photo Archivist, Patmos, Greece

Mr Ioannis Michellis

Pruning and Tree Specialist, Patmos, Greece

Mr Dimitri Koustouras

Tree Grafting, Patmos, Greece

Mr Leftheris Michellis tou Christodoulos

Translator & Interpreter, Patmos, Greece & UK

Miss Peristera Gkaragkouni

Translator, Patmos, Greece

Miss Catherine Triantafillopoulou

Translator & Interpreter, Patmos & Athens, Greece

With thanks to all those others who live and work alongside us in realising the project in a myriad of different ways

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